Submission Notes

Please note: this game requires the use of HTTP Requests to obtain data files used to generate the internal dictionary.

As a result of security protocols adopted by modern web browsers, this game will not run straight from a local HDD, and will require testing on a webserver.

This game is available to test online at:

Please note: Due to the nature of the game and the fact that keyboard input is the primary form of controls, this game cannot be controled from mobile devices with a virtual keyboard. This is because the game does not require the use of a textbox for character input (as it uses a keyboard listener), and this prevents the virtual keybaord being triggered on mobile devices.

Game Outline

WordWarz is a web-based game designed to aid in the development of an individual's skills in spelling and typing speed through a fun and challenging medium.

It is built using a combination of the HTML5/Javascript client-side web technologies, and aims to provide an intutive and exciting gameplay via the use of the user's computer keyboard.

Key Features


The following resources were utilised during the implementation of the game:

Name Type Purpose URL License
jQueryLibraryUsed to provide AJAX requests for data files, browser window "focus" detection and the prevention of default browser behaviour with the 'backspace' keyhttp://jQuery.comMIT & GPL
"No Tears Guide to HTML5 Games"Code ResourceProvided template code for creating "sprite objects" used throughout the implementation of the game. Domain
Stack Overflow - "How can I prevent the backspace key from navigating back?"Code ResourcePrevented default browser behaviour when using the 'backspace' key. Domain
Stack Overflow - "Pausing setInterval when page / browser is out of focus"Code ResourceDetection of browser window/tab focus to allow the game to automatically pause when focus is lost. Domain
Stack Overflow - "Bresnham algorithm in Javascript"Code ResourceAided in the creation of the algorithm used to generate a path from an enemy to the player. Domain
Stack Overflow - "How do you use grep to find terms that are n characters long?"Code ResourceProvided BASH code to aid in the creation of word data files used for the game. Domain
"Shell Scripting: Convert Uppercase to Lowercase"Code ResourceProvided BASH code to aid in the creation of word data files used for the game. Domain
"Dreams" - longzijunAudioBackground music used within the game. Commons - Non-Commercial
BfxrAudiohttp://bfxr.netUsed to create bespoke sound effects that are used thoughout the game.Public - Commercial